Find a Home From Home While You Work Away

Working away is an inconvenient fact of life for many people these days, up until now. offers another way.

Grin and bear a long commute each morning and evening. A long commute to work not only eats up all of your leisure time, for those of us who have done it, it is a stressful experience. 41% of workers polled in 2001 said it was the most stressful part of their day – and it's only getting worse!

Or spend your evenings staring at the wall of a soulless hotel or B&B, wondering what take-away food you would be eating tonight. Let's face it, a hotel room or B&B is not just expensive, they offer few of the comforts and facilities of home. You spend all week longing for Friday when you can stuff the week’s dirty washing into your holdall and travel home for the weekend. offers rooms to rent Monday to Friday. Since they are not for the full week, they typically they cost around 30% less than full time room lets, and are significantly cheaper than B&B or hotels. If you rent a room five nights you get all the home comforts that you would miss in a hotel or B&B such as cooking and laundry facilities. Fivenights rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and we can usually accommodate you be it for 2 weeks or two years.

Renting a comfortable room close to where you work gives you so many options. Could those lost hours you used to spend commuting be put to better use? Maybe it will give you the time and energy to take up a hobby. Maybe you could do an extra hour or two in the office during the week and arrange with your employer to leave early on a Friday. Commuting home early on a Friday could allow spend more time with your family.

And don't forget, being so close to work you may be able to take an environmentally friendly, and stress busting walk into the office each day.

How It Works.

Fivenights is quick and easy to use but to get the best out of it you should contact other users after registering:

  • Register and tell us a bit about you.
  • Your room requirements gets seen by all our landlords in your area.
  • When a room catches your eye, hit the "Contact" button to send the landlord an introductory email informing them of your interest. This email contains details of how to get in touch with you directly (you can change this as you see fit).
  • The landlord will reply directly to you.

...and that's it!