Feedback About Our Customer Service...

"Very good - thank you"
Carolyn, London, Apr 14.
"I was very happy with the quick response and explanation regarding my query"
Kate, Putney, Apr 14.
"Thank you Vicky, the feedback has been excellent thank you."
Maria, Sydenham, Apr 14.
"Thank you very much Vicky. The support was great and very efficient."
Vanessa, Fulham, Apr 14.
"I think your support is excellent and cannot be faulted. Your website is easy to use and very clear."
Janice, Wapping, Apr 14.
"Problem resolved quickly and successfully"
Karen, Inverurie, Apr 14.
"My question was answered quickly and efficiently, many thanks."
Steve, Cheltenham, Apr 14.
"Very swift and detailed response to my questions."
Jayne, Welwyn, Apr 14.
"Support appreciated. I was pleased with the service. I now have a lodger & only hope I have successfully paused my advert. I would recommend & use Five nights again, Thank you"
Jane, Westbury on Trym , Apr 14.
"Speedy and efficient response."
Gail, London, Apr 14.
"Excellent response"
Steve, Cheltenham, Apr 14.
"thank you for your response, its good to know that a quick response to a query can be sorted out"
Nigel, Leeds, Apr 14.
"Thank you for your support. You have been wonderful as usual. I am grateful for your prompt response and good advice."
Valerie, Hampstead, Apr 14.
"V quick & helpful response!"
Charlotte, London, Mar 14.
"My query was dealt with promptly and to my satisfaction."
Catherine, Leeds, Mar 14.
"You were helpful and friendly as always."
Prue, Norwich, Mar 14.
"Thanks the support was efficient and resolved the problem"
Paula, Brixton, Mar 14.
"Response was prompt and helpful."
Liz, Brentford, Mar 14.
"Excellent timely support which gave constructive and much needed advice"
Florence, Doncaster, Mar 14.
"Thank you for your reply, it was very helpful and prompt."
Jennifer, Battersea, Mar 14.
"Excellent support, thank you. The reply was within the time restraints of your policy and you refunded the money I had paid without me realising that I was not required to pay (for a Lodger Agreement)."
Catharine, East Sussex , Mar 14.
"All very helpful,all positive"
Jane, Westbury on Trym, Mar 14.
"The whole interaction with you could not have gone smoother. I had a concern, you dealt promptly with it - brilliant! As a client I feel confidant that I am using a professional, well managed company."
Carol, Milton Keynes , Mar 14.
"you've been very helpful, thankyou. It gets complicated when dealing with multiple sites."
Karen, London, Mar 14.
"Hello. I was pleased with the quick response to my most recent email (about saving my details in case I should need your site again). Also, a few weeks ago I contacted you because I was very disappointed about the low level of response to my ad. I then had a long phone conversation with someone (a man – not sure of his name). He went through my ad with me and although the ad was informative he suggested a few changes I could make, and also gave me more information about how the site worked. Coincidence or not, within a couple of weeks I had found a lodger. So, thank you! Anne"
Anne, Twickenham, Mar 14.
"I have really appreciated the prompt attention I have received, this is a new concept for us, and without your help, I doubt we would have continued. Further more we hope we may have found someone , which would be great.! Many thanks."
Carol, Olympia, London , Mar 14.
"This is the first time I've used your site and I'm very impressed with the quality of the service. You have been particularly helpful in assisting me with queries and how to use the site. I will certainly make this my first port of call when I need to let my room. Thank you. Your patience with a novice user and your good easy to follow advice are much appreciated."
Valerie, Hamstead, Mar 14.
"The support was fine, thanks."
Julie, Hull, Mar 14.
"I appreciate the quick response to my query. I will be reactivating my advert in the next couple of months."
Grainne, Birmingham, Mar 14.
"It was good thanks ,the issue seemed to be resolved quite quickly."
Christine, London, Mar 14.
"hi I had excellent help thank you"
Shaune, Essendon, Mar 14.
"Thanks for your prompt response to my enquiry about a second advert. It is now up and running."
Sue, Bridport, Mar 14.
"Yes thanks for your 2 week extension and your're very responsive, best wishes."
Suzy, Hackney, London, Mar 14.
"Just a message to the team. Thank you for helping me to set up my add on your site . in the short time I used this site you were always professional ,helpful and responded to all my questions however minor or big . I have found a tenant . I will use your site again and I will let my friend who is thinking about doing the same know about your site. Again thank you for all your help."
Sara, New Barnet, London, Mar 14.
"I had a problem with the website,and a problem page kept flashing up,your help and response was efficient,"
Jean, Worthing, Feb 14.
"After receiving 4 wonderful responses, I feel I should suspend the advert for the moment as I am currently awaiting response from an initial interview for work and I do not want to build anyone's hopes. As soon as I have more information, I'm sure the advert will become live again and I will also be contacting these 4 again (I have already responded to each one)."
Chris, Worthing, Feb 14.
"Thank you. I am in the process of sorting out the room and will be applying for membership very soon."
Elaine, Site Visitor, Feb 14.
"The information you provide on your website has been extremely helpful."
Nicky, London, Feb 14.
"I would highly recommend this site - I have had great support whenever I have had a problem (or thought I had!) and you have always been very quick to respond to my questions ."
Maxine, Pensford, Feb 14.
"Thank you very much for your clear email replying to my questions. Much appreciated…."
Janet, London, Feb 14.
"Many thanks for your immediate response, much appreciated"
Ann, Site Visitor, Feb 14.
"The information i received was very helpful and i was given some good advice"
Ella, Greater London, Feb 14.
"I recently emailed with a querie regarding reinstatement of my room advert. I received a prompt reply within 24 hours, and my querie was addressed and resolved. I was very happy with the service."
Fiona, Brighton, Feb 14.
"Thank you for being so helpful. Chris gave me quite a lot of good advice regarding the advert I have placed for a lodger. The web site is very clear and I just hope I get a lodger soon . "
Chrsitine, Morden, Feb 14.
Graham, Birmingham, Feb 14.
"Very positive, the problem was resolved in a few minutes."
Andrew, Poole, Feb 14.
"i emailed about my photos being sideways and upside down. you fixed them relatively fast and emailed me to vconfirm. happy. thank you."
Brandon, Islington, Feb 14.
"We will be putting on your website very soon thanks for the information"
Site Visitor, Feb 14.
"Thank you for your very helpful support in placing advert, very impressive site"
Barnet, Feb 14.
"I was very impressed by the speed and helpfulness of your reply. Thank you"
Elaine, Buckinghamshire, Feb 14.
"Yes, quality of experience was good. Emails promptly responded to and problem now resolved, thank you very much"
Mark and Wendy, South Ascot, Feb 14.
"Was quite impressed with all info given and will probably use your services at end of summer, however was enquiring for myself and son and daughter. In law who are in storing ton half way between Worthing and Horsham, they will be in touch with you within 2/3weeks. Deirdre"
Site Visitor, Feb 14.
"Thank you so much for your quick response getting back with regard to how the web site works. Also thank you for allowing me to be bumped up to the top of the list, as I didn't add the photos to the details for weeks. Kind regards. Sue"
Sue, Clapham South, Feb 14.
"Your prompt reply was much appreciated. Thank you"
Joan, Stevenage, Feb 14.
"Excellent support."
Jenny, Wimbledon, Feb 14.
"The couple of queries I have had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently, moreover in language that I understand..."
Lynne, Broghton, Feb 14.
"One word GREAT! You do exactly what it says on your site! Not being to hot in the computer skills department and a self taught pensioner all be it with a little brain that is not totally fried, getting around your site is fairly straight forward PLUS I know I can call/ text/ e-mail for assistance if necessary.Our present house mate who came thro Five Nights 12 months ago is sadly leaving thro logistics and has already found a place again thro your site so that speaks volumes.... Now find me an equally nice person to step into her shoes please! The site format is easy to read and gets the points across concisely without waffling and too much jargon too and above all I get really fast feedback and messages so keep up the good work!"
Chris, West Horsley, Surrey, Feb 14.
"Excellent service - Will use you again!"
Catherine, Marleybone/London, Feb 14.
"As always I was happy with the content and speed of the reply."
Christine, Liverpool, Feb 14.
"I was contacted within a day after emailing about an issue; they asked what went on and a couple of reasons why the issue may have occurred. I also suggested a different workaround that could be put into their business process. On the whole, it was easy to report and to rectify."
Stuart, London, Jan 14.
"Your support was very prompt and my query sorted quicker than I expected. So, excellent support."
Rachel, London, Jan 14.
"I feel your support in answering emails has been excellent and cannot be faulted. I have not used the site for well over a year but will be in the next few months to advertise again. Keep up the good work."
Janice, Wapping/London, Jan 14.
"The service I received as very good in all areas of my enquiries and in regards to my AD placement and follow through. thank you for your help."
Gwen, Norbury/London, Jan 14.
"Thank you for your wonderful service. Very much appreciated."
Fiona, Bristol, Jan 14.
"I was very satisfied with the response to my recent enquiry. The response was speedy and friendly, and resolved the problem."
Wendy, London, Jan 14.
"Very good experience."
Ed, Wandsworth/London, Jan 14.
"Your support was very helpful and correctly identified the problem."
Ian & Lucy, Edinburgh, Jan 14.
"Thank you your answer to my question was easy and clear to understand."
Lizzie, Fulham/London, Jan 14.
"Hi Vicky. I would like to thank you all at fivenights for the support you have given me over the last year or so and the quick response to any queries. I am now looking for my 3rd lodger and I must say it is very good value. kind regards Jackie."
Jackie, Bloomsbury/London, Jan 14.
"I contacted fivenights after making an error un-pausing my ad – they responded very quickly and in a positive way, so I am very impressed with their customer service. They also ensured I wasn’t out of pocket, even though it was my mistake – great service!"
Maxine, Southampton, Jan 14.
"Rapid and constructive response, matter dealt with in a timely fashion."
Emma, Brighton, Jan 14.
"I have had two excellent lodgers. Also the communication from Five Nights has been very quick and helpful. The website is easy to use and get around. I am very happy with the service. The costs are minimal considering the benefits for potential landlords."
Fiona, Bristol, Jan 14.
"Yes thank you for helping me. The response was fast and very satisfactory. It's a great site, well put together and easy to use."
Maria, London, Jan 14.
"Very happy with speed of response and service generally - all I need now is potential tenants! I assume that unless they specify 7 days per week these are all (as it says on the tin) five nights a weekers? Obviously I picked your site to use as I am looking for 5 nights not a full time lodger."
Janet, Wallington, Jan 14.
"I found the telephone support to be excellent, friendly and very helpful. 10/10. Please pass on my comments to your staff."
Ian & Lucy, Edinburgh, Dec 13.
"thank you so much for your help...I was surprised how quick fivenights got back to me with details on how to improve my add and added all those free extra days to display my add. I feel very confident with it now and I,m sure I have a lodger in the flat very soon.... many thanks again."
Gary, Ealing/London, Dec 13.
"You always are very helpful and get back to me after each request especially when we send a message to a potential lodger and get no response."
Peter, Bath, Dec 13.
"Just re-emphasising my thanks for your prompt response to my email. Hopefully I will be lucky and get a suitable tenant. Seasons greetings and thanks."
Jo, Southampton, Dec 13.
"Thanx for email from Vicky. Had a long helpful conversation with Chris which took me one step nearer to joining you. Probably after Xmas ."
Site Visitor, Dec 13.
"I can only say that I am so pleased that I have placed my ad with you! You and your colleague have been extremely supportive and provide help and advice as and when necessary promptly, and you are extremely efficient and response promptly when I contact you with requests for help and support. An extra big THANK YOU for you and your colleague!! :-)"
Chee, East Dulwich/London, Dec 13.
"Happy with both speed and content!"
Jonathan, Bounds Green/London, Dec 13.
"Thank you for including me on Five nights.I have found it an easy site and making changes straight forward."
Jean, Cambridgeshire, Dec 13.
"Hi Vicky, just to say that the issue was resolved very promptly and I was very impressed with the level of service."
Nina, West Sussex, Dec 13.

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