Download the Weekday Lodger Agreement

What is a Weekday Lodger Agreement? have engaged a leading legal firm to draw up a bespoke lodger agreement, specific to weekday lodging, covering:

  • When the room is and isn't available.
  • Rent and deposit agreements.
  • Furnishings and inventory.
  • "House rules" - what is expected in terms cleaning etc.
  • Termination of agreement.
  • Lots more!

Why do I Need a Lodger Agreement?

It's common sense to have a written agreement in place before allowing a lodger to move in. An agreement not only protects you and your property but also helps avoid any disagreements later on.

What Areas Does the Agreement Cover?

The lodger agreement covers letting in England and Wales.

How do I Get It?

Our agreement is available for free, unlimited download to our premium members, or for a one-off fee of £14.95 to basic or non-members.