Room Wanted In Hemel Hempstead Area. Single Double
Male seeking a double room in a mixed property.

33-year-old, white-british, non-smoker, male, professional. Looking for a Mon-to-Fri let but I’m open to full 7 day renting too. Ideally looking for a double room/double bed but will happily consider single room set-ups. I would describe myself as considerate, work focused, amicable and sociable, but happy to keep to myself too. Looking for accommodation for work purposes in Hemel Hempstead. I would prefer a non-smoking-indoors scenario and without pets ideally, but I am very open to different situations. I'm not fussed about male or female household, age range, food choices, cultures or religions etc; generally, very open minded as a person. Ideally would like somewhere with room to work from the laptop in the evenings. I will be out at work during most days, with the occasional day at home during the week. Not likely to be working weekends so most probably will be at 'home'. I'm very responsible with my approach towards Covid19 so don't intend on any socialising and will only be heading to work or staying in the accommodation in line with the government guidelines.

Needed From: 13 Jan 21
Last Updated: 5 days ago
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