Temp Room Needed W/ Access To Northern Line
Female seeking a single room in a female property.

Hi! I am looking for a single or double room available Monday-Friday (4 nights) from 14th October. I have recently started a new job in London and currently need a short term place to stay while I am sorting permanent accommodation with friends. I do not know exactly how long I will need the lodging for at this time, but it should be 3-4 weeks. During the week I will be working 9-5.30 and potentially come back later if I need to do viewings for my permanent place. I would ideally like to be in Camden/Archway/Highgate areas within a 10 min walk to the tube station with easy access to Mornington Crescent (where I work). I will go home after work on Friday and come back Monday morning. I can view after 6pm throughout the week w/c Monday 7th October. Please contact me if you have anything that may be suitable!

Needed From: 28 Oct 19
Last Updated: 3 month(s) ago
Advertiser Since: Saturday 5 October 2019

Max Rent
up to £800.00 per month

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Mornington Crescent